Awesome FREE Software for WordPress Sites… This is saving me DAYS of time each year!!

If you’re like me and have a LOT of sites and most of them are based on WordPress then you will know that when a plugin goes out of date or the WordPress platform gets upgraded then it can take a VERY long time to log into each one and update what needs doing…

Or even worse, you haven’t looked at the site in question for an age and you don’t even know that the updates are waiting to be done… this can lead to your site not functioning properly, or at it’s worst could leave it open for hackers to exploit… not cool, not cool at all.

Well recently I bumped into this awesome tool, and best of all the thing is totally free… and more importantly works perfectly fine without having to buy an addon of something… you know how annoying those ‘restricted free’ pieces of software can be right!

So what is this wonder piece of kit? It’s called InfiniteWP and means all your WordPress sites actually TELL YOU when they need an update via email – and then you log into one single place and (if you want to) hit a single button to update everything, or pick and choose what to do… honestly this thing is amazing and saves so much time while keeping everything safe too!

You can check it out at and see for yourself, it is TOTALLY FREE, and they say it always will be with LIFETIME UPDATES!

There are some very cool premium add-ons you can get which can do things like scheduled backups (backup/restore functions are available in the free one too, but not auto) and the ability to clone sites… all great and some people may find them very useful and pay the extra, but the whole thing functions perfectly without them and really is something you will wonder how you lived without!

Right, I’m off to find a new hobby to use up all the free time it just gave me 😉

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