How CPA + Bridge Marketing Can Make You More Money

If you aren’t familiar with this term basically bridge marketing is when you connect one place to another in such a way that people are ready to hit that buy button.

But without context that still may not make sense… so lets use a real-life example to show what I mean…

One of the many ways to earn money online is through something called CPA marketing.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action (or Cost Per Acquisition sometimes) and means that rather than always having to sell something to someone you can get paid for something as simple as collecting an email address, or maybe entering a competition.

You join a network, such as Maxbounty or Peerfly and find offers to promote.

For this example let’s say we want a gaming offer…

The usual method would be to build out a website or landing page of some sort talking about the offer.

Then get traffic to the page in one of a few ways

SEO to get it ranked on the search engines – great for long term but can take a while

Paid traffic like Adwords – depending on the site/page it may not be allowed.. and when it is it is VERY easy to lose money as a lot of the easier CPA offers can be pretty low paying (but still worth it with other traffic methods)

Email lists – for best results you really need an email list that you have built in the same sort of niche as the offer

And once you have the traffic there you will get sign ups, and make money.

A great model.

But it can be a bunch of work to get there – and sometimes they won’t work at all so you have wasted a LOT of time building and sending the traffic…

And it can be ‘cold’ traffic, meaning it isn’t targeted, which is harder to convert to sign ups…

And that’s where bridge marketing comes in.

This is a way to get the traffic already warmed up to the offer you are about to give them.

For example:

If I sent you to a page that asked you if you like PS4 or XBox One, then the next question asked you if you liked Action or First Person Shooter (FPS) games..

And you answered:

PS4 and FPS

How likely do you think you would be to enter just your email for a competition to win the latest FPS game on PS4 on the next page I showed you?

Pretty likely right?

And this can be done in the same way as above, website, landing page etc…

Then send the traffic and cash in 🙂

Pretty cool isn’t it…

So now you can see how powerful bridge marketing can be if used correctly, much more effective than just sending cold traffic to an offer.


Until next time, stay awesome!


Hope you liked this short overview tutorial, and if you would like to put this sort of thing to the next level using Facebook as the traffic source (i.e. Millions of eyeballs!) then take a look at this product that does just that –


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