Is Your Site Ready For Google’s Mobile Update On April 21st?

If you haven’t already heard, there is an update coming to Google on the 21st April that effects your site if it isn’t mobile optimized…

But don’t panic – if your site is based in WordPress, which an awful lot of them are, then the fix is pretty simple…

Firstly, go and check if your site is being viewed correctly on mobile according to Google by visiting and entering your website.

If this passes the tests then you can relax, until the next update that affects us all lol!

If it comes up as not friendly then you have two easy fixes to choose from – obviously if you have a site that isn’t based on WordPress then you will have to look elsewhere, but this solution will apply to a LOT of you 🙂

Solution 1:

Install the free version of the plugin WPTouch. This plugin is awesome anyway, and it totally solves this issue by creating a mobile version of your site automatically using the content you already have.

You can either search for it in the WordPress plugin section of your site or you can download it at and upload it to your site via FTP.

Once it is installed and activated just follow the very simple instructions and then retest your site on the Google link I gave you above to check it all worked and you will have a mobile ready site.

Solution 2:

This solution uses technology to tell whether your site is being viewed by a mobile and then uses the theme you specify to display it, so as long as you choose a mobile ready theme in the settings you will be good to go.

Again, you can search for this in your WordPress admin or you can download it from upload via FTP.

All you then need to do is go into the plugin settings and choose a mobile ready them, the quickest and easiest fix is to use one of the WordPress default themes that come with installation (the 2014 and 2015 themes) as these are mobile ready and will display most content nicely, even if it is not quite your true site.

And there you have it – this could be all you need to do as the site looks fine for your needs, or it could be used as a quick fix so your site doesn’t get penalised while you get a full mobile ready bespoke design made.

Either way this will save you a bunch of time and headaches getting your site mobile ready before April 21st so I hope this helped!

Have an awesome day!

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