(serp)Fox-y Lady… You know you’re a… cute little time saver! (and FREE!)

Time… it’s the one thing we tend to have the least of, yet the thing we sometimes value the least… odd.

If time is something you like to spend doing the cool stuff like watching the entire season of Breaking Bad back-to-back on Netflix, or building an amazing fort out of the entire contents of your kitchen with your daughter then saving time anyway you can elsewhere is a must.

I Loooooove to watch my rankings on sites, in fact it can get a little TOO addictive… it reminds me of when I first started doing affiliate marketing and would sit there and refresh my stats in various programmes to see the clicks come in… happy days!

But all jokes aside it really can take a lot of effort to find out where you are ranking for a given keyword… especially if you eventually find out you are on the 105th page or even not in there at all… that’s a lot of continue clicking! And then there is the fact that Google seems to think we want to see the sites we have already visited near the top of the page… (called personalised search) which is exactly what we DON’T want to see when we are checking our own rankings!

Well – NO MORE!

Go check out a site called SerpFox – www,serpfox.com – It’s so easy to use I’ll leave you to play with it yourself, but basically you can put in a URL and up to 10 keywords (for free, more than that starts to cost but well worth it if you have clients etc) and it will do all the tracking for you, and from my tests it looks like this is TRUE rankings, no personalisation involved… sweet!

They even put your rankings into a neat little graph over time so you can see how it got it’s groove on at the Google Barn Dance – some of those graphs look like the Himalayas with the amount of ups and downs these updates create!

So what are you still reading for! Go check it out – www.serpfox.com – and then come back here to tell me what you are going to do with all that extra time you have now… you’re welcome 😉



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